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Broken Stone Ranch was built for the individuals who need to get back to nature and relax from the hustle and bustle of urban city life. This ranch was designed for people to drive less than an hour from downtown Dallas to experience the outdoors and all its majestic wildlife. The ranch offers hunting, world class fishing, nature walks or just sitting by the fire at camp telling stories and reminiscing old memories. Regardless The Broken Stone Ranch is the place to visit and get back to nature and recharge your spirits.

The Broken Stone Ranch believes in wildlife conservation and the preservation of the natural setting of the land as it was hundreds of years ago.

Luke 20:18

"Whomever falls on the stone will be broken: but whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder"

Why The Broken Stone Ranch?

What are you waiting for an invitation from a Deer, Wild Boar, Bobcat, mountain lion, ducks, doves or predators to invite you personally? Come visit us for hunting, fishing or just relax.


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If you would like to tour the ranch please call 

(214) 395-9014 or  (214) 232-4488

Broken Stone Ranch

US Highway 80 , Grand Saline, Texas , United States

(214) 395-9014

24 hours

What are you waiting for the Pig to call you out?

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